1. Customer focused
The closer marketers are to customers, the higher their team performs. This makes intuitive sense, since driving effective communications and campaigns requires customer insight.
What’s less recognized is as marketers interact with customers directly, team members invariably feel energized and a sense of higher purpose. This helps teams derive strength and resolve to solve customer problems and perform at an unprecedented level.
How CMOs Can Help
Create an online community where your team can interact directly with your customers. There are many forum-like tools (Zendesk, Influitive, Jive) you can use to collect feedback.
Put a “Voice of the Customer” program in place to connect your team with customer feedback. Start with a Net Promoter Scoring system that measures satisfaction and collects qualitative feedback from customers.
Ask your best customers to participate in a customer advisory board. Share their success stories and pain points throughout the organization

2. Ability to drive revenue

“Revenue cures all” is a truism for most businesses—but especially for high-performing marketing teams. The more closely marketing can demonstrate its revenue impact, the more inspired your team will feel.

Today’s digital economy has put marketing in the revenue driver’s seat, with omni-channel sales growing and customer behavior shifting to online mediums. Not only is this energizing, it also makes fiscal sense, and encourages marketers to squeeze as much ROI as possible out of every dollar spent.

How CMOs Can Help

  • Invest in performance marketing software to more accurately track marketing ROI.
  • Build a marketing operations team whose job it is to tie marketing spend to revenue outcomes across channels.
  • Streamline requests from business stakeholders to effectively evaluate and prioritize those with the greatest revenue-driving potential.
  • A/B test key customer journey moments with the largest impact on revenue or trials.